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A faster, fairer, smarter strategy to protect Harris County residents from flooding

When it comes to flood control, it’s a new day in Harris County. Harris Thrives is a comprehensive resilience strategy that protects our community and prioritizes people and science.  Join us as we deliver faster, fairer, and smarter results for everyone.


Fast: We’re investing billions into flood control, cutting red tape, and doing what it takes to complete projects as quickly as possible. 


Fair: We’re prioritizing delivery of projects to help the most people as efficiently as possible, while ensuring vulnerable communities are never left behind.


Smart: Relying on science, technology, and data as our guide, we’re being smarter and more proactive about how we mitigate, prepare, and recover. 

Harris County is hard at work to rebuild and strengthen
our community against the threat of flooding. 
Current efforts fall under three main categories:
Emergency Preparedness


We are working hard to better respond to flooding events and to keep you posted with critical information.

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Harris County has secured federal funds to buyout at-risk houses, rehabilitate damaged homes, and build new single-and multi-family residences

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Flood Control

We are pushing flood control projects forward that will improve our region’s resilience.  


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